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Product Image (Oil Can Chetak)

Chetak Oil Can

Price: 85 INR

Chetakoil canis acanthat holds oil (usuallymotor oil) forlubricatingmachines. Chetak oil can can also be used to filloil-based lanterns.

Product Image (Oil Can Prima)

Oil Can Prima

Price: 100 INR

Prima oil can 1/2 pint is used to oil machinery,bikes,cycles,cars,machines and all other lubricant purposes. size - 1/2 pint . color - RED . openable rigit spout.

Product Image (EAKOC)

EAK Oil Can Cap. 1/2 Pint

EAK oil can is a hand operated pressure type hand pump oiler that holds oil for lubricating . EAK is easy-to-use oil can should be a staple in any garage! Made of a seamless steel body for durability, the oil can features a angled spout to reach hard-to-access areas. Built to handle frequent use in any busy shop, this compact oil can is just the thing for quick, easy oiling of machinery, engine parts, tools and more.


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